Staff Directory

Chief's Office

Chief of Police

Chief of Police Kristen Roman (photo)

Chief of Police Kristen Roman

(608) 262-4528

Assistant to the Chief

Rachel Laubmeier (photo)

Rachel Laubmeier

(608) 262-4528

Assistant Chief

Kari Sasso (photo)

Kari Sasso

(608) 265-0077

Court & Public Information

Director of Communications

Marc Lovicott (photo)

Marc Lovicott

(608) 263-2333

Court Services

Julie Dahmen (photo)

Julie Dahmen

(608) 262-4522

Clery Compliance

Director of Clery Compliance

Jaimee Gilford (photo)

Jaimee Gilford

(608) 286-9871

Asst. Director of Clery Compliance

Amy Edmonds (photo)

Amy Edmonds

(608) 250-9638

Threat Intervention Services

Director of Threat Services

Chris Cole (photo)

Chris Cole

(608) 263-0542

Community Officers

Southeast Campus Community Officer

Matt Shaw (photo)

Matt Shaw

(608) 576-3222

West Campus Community Officer

Beth Waite (photo)

Beth Waite

(608) 444-0983

University Apartments Community Officer

Terry Evans (photo)

Terry Evans

(608) 219-4698

Field Services

Field Services Captain

Jason Whitney (photo)

Jason Whitney

(608) 265-3082

Second Shift Lieutenant

Jeff Ellis (photo)

Jeff Ellis

(608) 890-0971

Special Events Lieutenant

Cherise Caradine (photo)

Cherise Caradine

(608) 265-3189

First Shift Lieutenant

Brent Gruber (photo)

Brent Gruber

(608) 262-3062

Third Shift Sergeant

Josh Nash (photo)

Josh Nash

(608) 262-2957

First Shift Sergeant/Special Events

Adam Boardman (photo)

Adam Boardman

(608) 265-0022

Training Sergeant

Juan Avila (photo)

Juan Avila

(608) 262-9971

Third Shift Sergeant

Dan Burgoni (photo)

Dan Burgoni

(608) 265-6210

Second Shift Sergeant

William Brown (photo)

William Brown

(608) 264-2677

First Shift Sergeant

Ryan Jesberger (photo)

Ryan Jesberger

(608) 262-2115

Police Communications Manager

LeAnn Krieg (photo)

LeAnn Krieg

(608) 265-9531

Police Communications Supervisor

Jonathan Gonring (photo)

Jonathan Gonring

(608) 265-2977

First Shift Security Supervisor

Micheal Carpenter (photo)

Micheal Carpenter

(608) 262-4534

Second Shift Security Supervisor

Peter Disher (photo)

Peter Disher

(608) 262-1354

Investigative Services

Investigative Services Captain

Ruth Ewing (photo)

Ruth Ewing

(608) 265-6362

Investigative Services Lieutenant

Brent Plisch (photo)

Brent Plisch

(608) 262-2957


Brett Fernholz (photo)

Brett Fernholz

(608) 265-9558


Truli Nielsen (photo)

Truli Nielsen

(608) 262-7752


Carol Ann Kashishian (photo)

Carol Ann Kashishian

(608) 262-0139


Matt Schirmacher (photo)

Matt Schirmacher

(608) 262-3015

Planning & Development

Planning & Development Captain

Karen Soley (photo)

Karen Soley

(608) 262-4355

Infrastructure Security Lieutenant

Clark Brunner (photo)

Clark Brunner

(608) 220-7159

Infrastructure Security Sergeant

Nicolas Banuelos (photo)

Nicolas Banuelos

(608) 262-3062

Infrastructure Security Security Supervisor

Theresa Waage (photo)

Theresa Waage

(608) 262-4520

Infrastructure Security Security Supervisor

William Vanderbloemen (photo)

William Vanderbloemen

(608) 265-3797

Infrastructure Security Camera Specialist

Kevin Sopha (photo)

Kevin Sopha

(608) 890-4400

Access Control OPA

Kelly Willan (photo)

Kelly Willan

(608) 262-1354

Support Services

Support Services Captain

Mark Silbernagel (photo)

Mark Silbernagel

(608) 265-3189

Professional Standards Lieutenant

John McCaughtry (photo)

John McCaughtry

(608) 262-9302

Personnel Sergeant

Amanda Buckley (photo)

Amanda Buckley

(608) 262-4889

Administrative Officer/Fleet Manager

Corey Johnson (photo)

Corey Johnson

(608) 219-1132

IT Manager

Mandi Meier (photo)

Mandi Meier

(608) 265-3310

Senior Accountant

Cindy Blankenship (photo)

Cindy Blankenship

(608) 262-4529

Human Resources

Tracey Berman (photo)

Tracey Berman

(608) 890-0979

Records OPA

Marlina Polk McGiveron (photo)

Marlina Polk McGiveron

(608) 262-4332

Accreditation & Records Manager

Rebecca Skinner (photo)

Rebecca Skinner

(608) 890-4779

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Director

Bill Curtis (photo)

Bill Curtis

(608) 890-1397

Emergency Management Police Officer

Stewart Ballweg (photo)

Stewart Ballweg

(608) 890-1739

Emergency Management Security Officer

Tim Slater (photo)

Tim Slater

(608) 265-2598

Emergency Management Services Coordinator

David Kromm (photo)

David Kromm

(608) 890-1376

Emergency Management Services Coordinator

David LaWall (photo)

David LaWall

(608) 890-1375

Emergency Management Services Coordinator

Michael Lackey (photo)

Michael Lackey

(608) 263-1558