Meet our K9’s!

UWPD has three K9 teams — they’re always on call and each has specific training in a variety of specialties to keep our campus, and surrounding area safe.  Learn more about our K9s below.  You can also view our past K9s here.

A Member of the K9 Unit

K9 Casey & Sgt. Cherise Caradine

caseycheriseSgt. Cherise Caradine and K9 Casey, a Dutch Shepherd, have been partnered together since 2007 and are the department’s narcotics detection K9 team.  K9 Casey was born, raised, and trained in Madison, WI.  Along with narcotics detection and evidence recovery, K9 Casey is also certified in obedience and agility. She has attained what is known as Level III tactical obedience, which involves obedience around gunfire and other highly stressful situations.  K9 Casey and Sgt. Caradine would attempt level IV tactical obedience, but they need a helicopter to jump from to achieve the title.  Sgt. Caradine affectionately refers to K9 Casey as “the number one dog in the state” — and Casey doesn’t let her K9 counterparts forget the self-given title.

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K9 Odin & Lt. Brent Plisch

odinbrentK9 Odin, a German Shepherd, was born in the Czech Republic in 2008. He was acquired by the UWPD in 2010 and is partnered with Lt. Brent Plisch. K9 Odin received his initial training at Tarheel K9 Inc., in Sanford, NC, and is trained in explosive detection and human tracking. He loves working large events and venues where he can run freely while working. K9 Odin can sometimes be a “bull in a China shop” and takes on several of his handler’s characteristics while working. When not at work, Odin loves going on the boat, swimming, playing in the snow, and most of all, playing with his good friend June, a black lab.

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K9 Maya & Sgt. Nic Banuelos

mayanicoK9 Maya was purchased from Tarheel K9 Inc., Sanford, NC, in June of 2013. She is trained in explosive detection and human tracking. K9 Maya and her partner, Sgt. Nic Banuelos, are the newest addition to the UWPD K9 unit and have worked very hard over the past year to obtain all the certifications necessary to be on active service. Sgt. Banuelos says K9 Maya’s favorite activity outside of work is playing tag with her little sister, Ricochet. Maya loves to pick up all her toys and bones from around the house and stack them. She can also be found lounging in the sun on the back deck and occasionally she watches TV.

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