Be Prepared for Tornado Season

Summer weather has finally arrived! Warm temperatures and high humidity are a nice change from the cold winter. With the change comes different threats and hazards — of particular concern are tornadoes. Wisconsin has an average of 23 tornadoes each year! Peak season for tornadoes is between May and August. Below are a few important items to remembers when preparing for tornadoes.

Preparedness Steps

  • Stay informed of weather conditions by downloading a weather app on your phone or buying a weather radio
  • Developed an emergency plan for your home, visit
  • Have conversations with your family, especially children, on what you do in the event of a tornado

 Important Terms

A TORNADO WATCH means conditions are right for a tornado to develop. Continue with normal activities, but continue to monitor the situation.

A TORNADO WARNING means radar or weather spotters have identified a tornado. The emergency sirens will sound a steady tone for three minutes or longer if there is danger in the immediate area.

In the event of a tornado warning, take the following actions:

  • Seek immediate shelter (individuals with disabilities, follow the same procedures). When the warning siren sounds, seek shelter, preferably in a basement or below ground evacuation location. A steel formed or reinforced concrete building will provide some protection.
  • In a multi-story building, seek shelter in an interior hallway or a lower floor.
  • Basements and interior hallways or rooms on lower floors offer good shelter.
  • If you are surrounded by debris, be aware that removing some of it can cause other debris or part of the building to collapse. If it is not safe or possible to leave the area, stay there until assisted out.

For more information on preparing for tornadoes, please visit

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