UWPD Lieutenant Competes in 121st Boston Marathon

For more than two decades, UWPD Lieutenant Ruth Ewing has been a runner. She ran on her high school cross country team – enjoying the team aspect of it, but also the individual challenge to train and get faster times.  Ruth stuck with the sport to keep in shape and keep herself challenged. Over the years, she has competed in seven marathons – and number eight is a special one.

On Monday, April 17, 2017, Ruth competed in the 121st Boston Marathon. It’s a race she’s had her eyes set on for quite some time.

“For serious runners, Boston is one of the most exclusive races in the U.S.” Ewing said. “I attempted to qualify a few times and wasn’t successful.  I had been doing a lot of running but also mixing it up with swimming and CrossFit.  I decided if I really wanted to get serious I needed to give up CrossFit and focus on running.”

In May of 2016, after rigorous training, Ruth competed in the Rockford Marathon – her impressive time led to her acceptance into the 2017 Boston Marathon.

“It was an exciting day!” Ewing said. “Luckily it was fast enough and my registration was accepted.”

Ruth started training for Boston last November. She has run six days a week for the past five months. Ruth says the workouts have been a mixture of speed runs, hills, tempo runs, and long runs.  At the peak of her training, she ran two 20-mile runs and averaged 60 miles per week. Throughout the last five months, Ruth has logged more than 725 miles.

“Finding the time to train has been the most difficult part of getting ready for Boston,” Ewing said. “I start work at 6:30 a.m., so I’ve been getting up at 3:50 a.m. to get my workouts in.  I am not able to run after work due to family obligations, so it’s been a priority to get up early in order to get my runs in.”

Ruth finished with a time of 3:56:15 at a pace of 9:01/mile.

Ruth says she was most excited about just being a part of the energy and excitement in Boston. Her main goal was to finish and have fun.

From all of us at UWPD — Congratulations, Lt. Ewing! We’re so incredibly proud of your amazing accomplishment!


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