Car Seat Checks & Installation

The UW-Madison Police Department has two nationally certified car seat technicians on staff, and they’re happy to help be a part of the process as you prepare for the arrival of your little one. For us, safety is important for everyone!

Parents, expecting parents, grandparents, or anyone who drives children should have their car seats checked. When scheduling an appointment for your car seat check, the technicians will need the following information from you:

  • What type of car seat(s) is being checked and installed?
  • What type of car(s) is the car seat being installed in?
  • Is the child present?

We ask that you bring the car seat owner’s manual and the vehicle owner’s manual with you to the appointment. Most car seat checks and installs will start in UWPD’s main lobby — the technician will have you complete a car seat check form and gather information from you about your car seat and vehicle. The technician will review proper harnessing techniques with you, safety concerns with transporting children, and proper car seat installation options available with your particular car seat and vehicle.  The car seat installation will finish in the UWPD parking lot with the technician installing the car seat in your vehicle and reviewing the procedures for a proper installation with you.

Most car seat checks/installations take approximately 30 minutes, but please add an additional 15 minutes onto the check/installation if you have a second vehicle you want the car seat or additional base installed in.

To schedule your appointment, simply fill out the form below. You may also call UWPD dispatch at (608) 264-COPS or email us!

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What type of car seat(s) is being checked/installed?

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