Staff Directory

Chief's Office

Chief of Police

Chief of Police Kristen Roman (photo)

Chief of Police Kristen Roman

(608) 262-4528

Assistant to the Chief

Rachel Laubmeier (photo)

Rachel Laubmeier

(608) 262-4528

Assistant Chief of Administration and Support

Kari Sasso (photo)

Kari Sasso

(608) 265-0077

Assistant Chief of Operations

Brent Plisch (photo)

Brent Plisch

(608) 890-2730

Court & Public Information

Director of Communications

Marc Lovicott (photo)

Marc Lovicott

(608) 263-2333

Court Services

Julie Dahmen (photo)

Julie Dahmen

(608) 262-4522

Clery Compliance

Asst. Director of Clery Compliance

Mickey Kienast (photo)

Mickey Kienast

(608) 250-9638

Threat Intervention Services

Director of Threat Services

Chris Cole (photo)

Chris Cole

(608) 263-0542

Community Officers

Eagle Heights Community Officer

Brad Davis (photo)

Brad Davis


Southeast Campus Community Officer

Jake Lepper (photo)

Jake Lepper


Central Campus Community Officer

Erik Pearce (photo)

Erik Pearce


Lower Campus Community Officer

Barrett Erwin (photo)

Barrett Erwin

(608) 262-0910

Field Services

Field Services Captain

Jason Whitney (photo)

Jason Whitney

(608) 265-3082

Second Shift Sergeant

Carl Siddell (photo)

Carl Siddell

(608) 262-9302

Special Events Lieutenant

Cherise Caradine (photo)

Cherise Caradine

(608) 265-3189

First Shift Lieutenant

Jeff Ellis (photo)

Jeff Ellis

(608) 890-0971

Training Sergeant

Juan Avila (photo)

Juan Avila

(608) 262-9971

Third Shift Sergeant

Dan Burgoni (photo)

Dan Burgoni

(608) 265-6210

Second Shift Sergeant

William Brown (photo)

William Brown

(608) 264-2121

Second Shift Acting Lieutenant/Special Events

Adam Boardman (photo)

Adam Boardman

(608) 265-0022

Third Shift Sergeant

Josh Nash (photo)

Josh Nash

(608) 265-6042

First Shift Sergeant

Beth Lopez (photo)

Beth Lopez

(608) 444-0983

Police Communications Supervisor

Jonathan Gonring (photo)

Jonathan Gonring

(608) 265-2977

Police Communications Manager

LeAnn Krieg (photo)

LeAnn Krieg

(608) 265-9531

Security Manager

Micheal Carpenter (photo)

Micheal Carpenter

(608) 219-5673

Day Shift Security Supervisor

Peter Disher (photo)

Peter Disher

(608) 219-1501

Evening/Night Security Supervisor

Theresa Waage (photo)

Theresa Waage

(608) 262-4520

Investigative Services

Investigative Services Captain

Ruth Ewing (photo)

Ruth Ewing

(608) 265-6362

Detective Sergeant

Cheryl Radzinski (photo)

Cheryl Radzinski

(608) 265-9558


Kyle Van Haren (photo)

Kyle Van Haren

(608) 262-1968


Andy Nielsen (photo)

Andy Nielsen

(608) 262-0834


John Deering (photo)

John Deering

(608) 262-0851


Matt Schirmacher (photo)

Matt Schirmacher

(608) 262-3015


Peter Grimyser (photo)

Peter Grimyser

(608) 262-7752


Truli Nielsen (photo)

Truli Nielsen

(608) 262-2306

Lake Rescue & Safety/Specialty Services

Specialty Services Lieutenant

Ryan Jesberger (photo)

Ryan Jesberger

(608) 262-2115

Training and Spec Services Coordinator

Mary McElman (photo)

Mary McElman

(608) 262-6426

UWPD Lake Rescue & Safety Supervisor

Sean Geib (photo)

Sean Geib

(608) 262-5865

UWPD Lake Rescue & Safety Supervisor

Dave Krueger (photo)

Dave Krueger

(608) 262-5865

Planning & Development

Planning & Development Captain

Karen Soley (photo)

Karen Soley

(608) 262-4355

Infrastructure Security Lieutenant

Clark Brunner (photo)

Clark Brunner

(608) 220-7159

Infrastructure Security Sergeant

Nicolas Banuelos (photo)

Nicolas Banuelos

(608) 262-3062

Infrastructure Security Security Supervisor

Bill Vanderbloemen (photo)

Bill Vanderbloemen

(608) 265-3797

Infrastructure Security Camera Director

Kevin Sopha (photo)

Kevin Sopha

(608) 890-4400

Access Control Specialist

Kelly Willan (photo)

Kelly Willan

(608) 262-1354

Access Control Specialist

Nabeel Jeelani (photo)

Nabeel Jeelani

(608) 513-4623

Support Services

Support Services Captain

Mark Silbernagel (photo)

Mark Silbernagel

(608) 265-0074

Professional Standards Lieutenant

John McCaughtry (photo)

John McCaughtry

(608) 262-2567

Executive Director of Recruitment, Diversity, and Inclusion

Louis Macias (photo)

Louis Macias


Personnel Sergeant

Amanda Buckley (photo)

Amanda Buckley

(608) 262-4889

Administrative Officer/Fleet Manager

Corey Johnson (photo)

Corey Johnson

(608) 219-1132

IT Manager

Mandi Meier (photo)

Mandi Meier

(608) 265-3310

Senior Accountant

Cindy Blankenship (photo)

Cindy Blankenship

(608) 262-4529

Accreditation & Records Manager

Rebecca Skinner (photo)

Rebecca Skinner

(608) 890-4779

Records OPA

Heather Morrisson (photo)

Heather Morrisson

(608) 262-4332

Human Resources

Tracey Berman (photo)

Tracey Berman

(608) 890-0979

Administrative Lieutenant

Brent Gruber (photo)

Brent Gruber


Emergency Management

Emergency Management Director

Bill Curtis (photo)

Bill Curtis

(608) 890-1397

Emergency Management Police Officer

Stewart Ballweg (photo)

Stewart Ballweg

(608) 890-1739

Emergency Management Services Coordinator

Tim Slater (photo)

Tim Slater

(608) 265-2598

Emergency Management Services Coordinator

David LaWall (photo)

David LaWall

(608) 890-1375

Emergency Management Services Coordinator

Michael Lackey (photo)

Michael Lackey

(608) 263-1558

Emergency Management Services Coordinator

Ed Lawson (photo)

Ed Lawson

(608) 263-1450