Lake Rescue & Safety Employment

Lifesaving Station Operators

UWPD Lake Rescue & Safety employs Lifesaving Station Operators (temporary employees) to work at the UW Lifesaving Station. The season runs from April through October (see our hours for more details). Duties include operating two 31′ twin-screw rescue boats to assist UW and private boaters, maintaining a watchful eye on current lake users, and monitoring weather conditions.

We generally hire applicants with varying combinations of the following qualities/skills:

  • Knowledge of operating powerboats
  • Knowledge of operating twin-screw inboards
  • Successful completion of the Wisconsin DNR Boater’s Safety Course
  • Knowledge of non-motorized watercraft (sailboats, windsurfers, canoes, and kayaks)
  • Knowledge of lake rescue procedures
  • Knowledge of basic weather and lake conditions
  • Knowledge of Lake Mendota
  • Knowledge of basic CPR (CCR)/AED/first aid procedures
  • Knowledge of first responder/EMT procedures
  • Available to work an average of 30 hours per week, especially during the summer months
  • Minimum three-year commitment (more is preferred)