Past UWPD K9 Teams

K9 Odin & Lt. Brent Plisch

odinbrentK9 Odin, a German Shepherd, was born in the Czech Republic in 2008. He was acquired by the UWPD in 2010 and is partnered with Lt. Brent Plisch. K9 Odin received his initial training at Tarheel K9 Inc., in Sanford, NC, and is trained in explosive detection and human tracking. He loved working large events and venues where he could run freely while working. K9 Odin was sometimes referred to as a “bull in a China shop” and took on several of his handler’s characteristics while working.

Odin passed away peacefully on October 3, 2017, following a short battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his family when he passed and received full honors from his UWPD family and first responders across the area. Odin was nine years old.

K9 Rex and Det. Shane Driscoll

rexshaneRex born in April 2002, joining UWPD in October 2003 — our third K9 at the deparment.  Rex and his handler Det. Shane Driscoll were a team for more than ten years — the longest serving team in the history of the UWPD K9 Unit — and both retired together in March of 2014.  Rex specialized in explosive detection and human tracking.  He and Det. Driscoll were responsible for protecting countless national and international dignitaries — including former and sitting presidents, First Ladies, politicians and political candidates, the Dalai Lama, and many others.

K9 Rex was very well known around UWPD for his unique personality.  Rex had a kennel and bed in Det. Driscoll’s office, where he spent most of his day when not out on calls or assignments. His day typically started by making the rounds on both floors of UWPD, making a stop in only those offices where he knows a treat will be offered. During this routine, Rex would be totally focused on the objective of being rewarded for his social endeavors. When he got the chance, he’d sneak out and repeat the route to those offices where he knows he’ll be rewarded with a Milk-Bone. Another favorite thing for Rex was to sit at the water fountain until someone turns it on for him to slake his thirst. At home, Rex loved to play with his tug toy — and usually wins!

Rex passed away peacefully in Madison on Friday, February 6, 2015 after battling health complications. Rex was surrounded by his at-home family and members of his UWPD family — he was 12 years old. Rex was cremated and his remains were buried with full honors.

A Member of the K9 Unit

K9 Casey & Lt. Cherise Caradine

caseycheriseLt. Cherise Caradine and K9 Casey, a Dutch Shepherd, were partnered together in 2007. K9 Casey was born, raised, and trained in Madison, WI.  Along with narcotics detection and evidence recovery, K9 Casey was also certified in obedience and agility. She attained what is known as Level III tactical obedience, which involves obedience around gunfire and other highly stressful situations.  K9 Casey and Lt. Caradine would have attempted level IV tactical obedience, but they needed a helicopter to jump from to achieve the title.  Lt. Caradine affectionately refers to K9 Casey as “the number one dog in the state” — and Casey doesn’t let her K9 counterparts forget the self-given title.

After 10+ years of service to the campus community, K9 Casey retired from UWPD in June of 2017. Casey’s now just a regular ol’ (but very well trained!) dog at the Caradine household — but still regularly comes to work with Lt. Caradine!

K9 Mosely and Capt. Jason Whitney

DSC_0040K9 Mosely was born in 2000 and trained in the Czech Republic — he became UWPD’s second K9 officer in May of 2002, and was partnered with Capt. Jason Whitney. Mosely specialized in explosive detection and tracking suspects, and was certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA).  K9 Mosely was also selected for advanced training and certification by the ATF and FBI K9 programs.

K9 Mosely and Capt. Whitney were called upon to respond to a variety of calls for service, including bomb threats, suspicious packages, special events, tracking suspects, and community outreach. They also provided dignitary protection including visits by the Dalai Lama, President Clinton and President Obama, and were utilized statewide to assist other law enforcement agencies. K9 Mosely was the recipient of several Excellent Service Commendations from the UW-Madison Police Department.

K9 Mosely passed away in March of 2010 — he received full honors at his memorial in April 2010.  K9 Mosely was laid to rest at Westport Pet Memorial in Waunakee, WI.  Attending K9 Mosely’s memorial service was his handler Capt. Jason Whitney, his family, UW-Madison Police Department members, friends from the community, and representatives from police departments throughout the State of Wisconsin.

Capt. Whitney remains at the UW-Madison Police Department — currently, he leads the Field Services unit.