Biking on Campus

The new school year is here and that means our campus bicycling population will increase!  For those of you new to campus, please know that Madison is a very bike friendly community — bikers will continue to bike throughout the winter months.

bike croppedWhen it comes to SAFETY with biking on campus, you are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet, and per state law, you need to have appropriate lighting on your bike during hours of darkness.  This helps you to see and be seen by others on the road. Wisconsin law requires you to have a white front light and a red rear light on your bike during hours of darkness.

When it comes to ENFORCEMENT with biking on campus, please know you need to obey all traffic laws while riding your bike — this includes stopping at ALL stop signs and red lights.  You also must yield to pedestrians, and ride in the correct direction in bike lanes.  Madison is so bike friendly that it is preferred that you ride in a bike lane or on the road instead of on a sidewalk.  If you choose to bike on the sidewalk there is limitations by law and you must yield to pedestrians.  A citation while riding your bike generally ranges from $150 to $163.

When it comes to THEFT, always secure your bike with a quality U-lock to a bike rack, while making sure that the lock is through the front tire, bike frame, and bike rack.  UWPD does see a fair amount of bike thefts each year.  We do have a bait bike program, and if you would like a sticker for your bike please stop into the UWPD at 1429 Monroe Street to pick one up.

Safe and happy cycling!

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