Community Officers

The UW-Madison Police Department recognizes the value of community policing in a campus setting and to that end, five police officers are currently assigned geographical areas of responsibility for community interaction, crime prevention, and problem-solving. The map shows which area of campus is covered by each of our community officers. We encourage you to become acquainted with the officer that serves the area in which you live or work.

Map showing community officer territories

University Apartments Community Officer

Brad Davis (photo)

Brad Davis

(608) 219-4698

Lower Campus Community Officer

Barrett Erwin (photo)

Barrett Erwin

(608) 262-0910

Southeast Campus Community Officer

Jeff Kirchman (photo)

Jeff Kirchman

(608) 576-3222

Downtown Liaison Police Officer

Diego Lema Hernandez (photo)

Diego Lema Hernandez

(608) 263-3744

Central Campus Community Officer

Erik Pearce (photo)

Erik Pearce