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Daily Blotter

Daily Blotter for March 24th 2023

  • 7:45 am, Medical/Alcohol/Detox Conveyance, Nicholas Recreation Center. Contacted person who was feeling dizzy and light-headed.
  • 11:16 am, Alarm, Location Redacted. Contacted person who was observed on camera in the cash room.
  • 11:26 am, Assist Law Enforcement Agency, University Ave & Randall Street. Provided traffic assistance.
  • 1:00 pm, Damage to Property, Tripp Gatehouse. Contacted persons after a sink was damaged in the Tripp Gatehouse bathroom.
  • 8:12 pm, Medical/Alcohol/Detox Conveyance, Memorial Union. Contacted person at Memorial Union for medical assistance.
  • 11:14 pm, Medical/Alcohol/Detox Conveyance, Nicholas Recreation Center. Transported person to local hospital for a shoulder injury they received while playing basketball.
  • 11:43 pm, Trespassing/After Hours, Sellery Hall. Contacted suspect after they were reported “piggybacking” into Sellery Hall.
  • 11:59 pm, Underage Alcohol Violation, W Dayton & N Frances Streets. Cited suspect for UAL 1st and verbally warned for possession of fake ID after they were being assisted to walk and was falling into things.
  • 12:45 am, Resisting Arrest, W Johnson & N Lake Streets. Cited suspect for UAL 1st and Dane County: resisting after they vomited in front of squad at Lot 46 and took off on foot into Witte.
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