UWPD Use of Force Data

Each quarter, UWPD analyzes use of force (also called “response to resistance”), because encountering some type of resistance from the person is what causes the officer to use force. It is vital to review these responses to resistance to identify potential areas for improvement and areas in which enhanced training or policy adaptations are needed.

The links below take you to quarterly charts that describe incidents of persons resisting officers. The charts provide a racial breakdown of persons resisting officers, the types of force used, and the time of day when these incidents occurred.


2018: 1st Quarter Data
2018: 2nd Quarter Data
2018: 3rd Quarter Data
2018 4th Quarter Data
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2017: 1st Quarter Data
2017: 2nd Quarter Data
2017: 3rd Quarter Data
2017: 4th Quarter Data
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2016: 1st Quarter Data
2016: 2nd Quarter Data
2016: 3rd Quarter Data
2016: 4th Quarter Data2016 TOTALS  >>


2015: 4th Quarter Data