Event Log and Clery Log

The UW–Madison Police Department maintains a Clery Crime and Fire Log, updated within two business days of UWPD receiving a crime report, to keep the university community informed about campus crime. This log is maintained in compliance with the Clery Act, which mandates that the University publish information about reported crime within UWPD’s patrol jurisdiction and on UW–Madison’s on-campus, non-campus, and public property, as defined by the Act.

Crime data for the log is gathered from multiple sources including calls for service to UWPD; information gathered from a student disciplinary database; statistical crime reports filed by campus security authorities, and alerts from Dane County 911. The glossary explains some commonly used terms found in the log.

In compliance with the Clery Act, UWPD does not include crimes that occur outside of Clery geography or UWPD patrol jurisdiction. A copy of the log, which is maintained for 60 days from when a crime was reported, can be viewed online, or in person at UWPD, located at 1429 Monroe Street. For more information about the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the Clery Act, please contact the UWPD by phone at 608-264-2677 or by email at clery@mhub.uwpd.wisc.edu.

Download the Clery Crime and Fire Log (PDF)

Clery Log Glossary (PDF)

Our Daily Event Log

The UW–Madison Police Department maintains a 60-day event log, updated daily, to remain transparent and keep the general public informed about campus crimes and calls our officers respond to. A copy of the 60-day log can be viewed online, or in person during normal business hours.

View the 60-Day Event Log (PDF)