Individuals Banned from Campus

Persons are prohibited from coming into a specific building or onto the UW–Madison campus for a variety of reasons. A person may be banned from a building for not following the code of conduct set forth by that particular building or group of buildings (ie: the UW Library system). A judge can also issue a bail condition or court order prohibiting a person from being in a specific place. In addition, a probation and parole agent can prohibit their client from being in certain places, and the Chancellor and/or the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards may also prohibit a person from entering campus under UW Administrative Code 18.11(7).

The people listed below are currently banned from the entire UW–Madison campus — either by court order or UWS Chapter 18. If you see one of these individuals in violation, please immediately contact the UW–Madison Police Department by calling 608-264-COPS — or in an emergency call 911.