UWPD Arrests Serial Taggers; Responsible for 21 Separate Graffiti Incidents

  • Incident type: Graffiti
  • Location/address: UW-Madison Campus

The UW-Madison Police Department has arrested two individuals responsible for 21 separate graffiti taggings on the UW-Madison campus.

The first taggings appeared in December 2019 and more followed on various campus buildings/facilities. The graffiti did not appear to target any specific groups or identities. Because of similar styles and words in the taggings, officers were able to connect all of the incidents to the same suspect or suspects. A lead from a Shorewood Hills police officer led UWPD to one of the suspects, Samuel Schumann, 19, of Madison. Schumann confessed to all of the taggings. Roman Pickens, 19, of Monona was identified as another suspect a short time later — Pickens also confessed to the crimes.

Schumann faces 19 counts of misdemeanor graffiti. Pickens faces eight counts of misdemeanor graffiti, as well as eight counts of felony bail jumping. Neither man is affiliated with the university.

Investigators are looking for another suspect who may be involved in the taggings. If you have any information, please contact UWPD at (608) 264-2677.

Special thanks to the Shorewood Hills Police Department for their help with this case.

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