Current Conditions

Green Flag: Winds approx. 0-18 mph. Sailors with a light weather rating may sail.

Blue Flag: Winds approx. 18-30 mph. Sailors with a heavy weather rating may sail.

Yellow Flag: Cautionary flag requires sailors to stay within the yellow line area which is an imaginary line running from the tip of Picnic Point to the red and white Oscar Meyer smoke stack.

Blue/Red Flag: Winds over 30 mph. Yellow line in effect. Limited craft allowed out.

Red Flag: Lake is closed. Storm approaching - return to Hoofers ASAP. No sailing equipment is allowed out.

No Flag: Lifesaving Station is not open. Lake is closed for Hoofer sailors.


Condition Details

Wind direction

Wind Direction

Wind speed

Wind Speed


Air Temperature

Water temperature

Water Temperature




Local Weather Forecast

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