Badger Watch

Badger Watch logoBadger Watch is the crime prevention program for the UW-Madison Campus, a collaborative effort between the community and the UW Police Department to help make the community a safer place.

Badger Watch began in 2002, and relies on volunteers becoming the “extra eyes and ears” of the UW Police Department. Becoming a volunteer is easy and involves attending the initial training; no further commitments are required. The benefits include becoming a smarter/safer community member, direct access to the UW Police, and the opportunity to attend additional training throughout the year.

How to Get Involved

Volunteers within the community (now 4,000+ strong!) take responsibility for a section of their neighborhood (their building), watch out for illegal activity and other emergencies, and report them to the police or necessary person in a timely manner. At Badger Watch training, we empower students and staff with knowledge to be able to recognize and address safety and crime prevention concerns within their work units and residence hall. The initial training includes topics such as building/office security, personal safety, suspicious behavior, suspicious people, safe mail handling, and allows time for questions. The ultimate goal of Badger Watch is to have the police and community working side by side to keep the UW-Madison community safer and crime free.

Get More Info

For information on becoming a member of our Badger Watch team, download our brochure.