CPR and AED Training

A colleague collapses, your friend stops breathing, or a student is found unconscious — what should you do? Knowing the first steps to take in any of these situations could save someone’s life. UWPD offers CPR and AED training courses using American Heart Association materials.

Two people perform CPR on a test dummy.

How to Get Trained

We offer CPR AED training every month at the UW–Madison School of Nursing building. Anyone is welcome to attend our trainings. Note that there are fees associated with these courses.

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If you have questions, contact the Emergency Management unit at em@uwpd.wisc.edu.

How to Get an AED in Your Facility

Placement criteria for AEDs at UW–Madison are established by the Environment, Health & Safety Department. In general, funding for AEDs including installation and signage will be the responsibility of the department or work unit. Departments and work units are encouraged to contact EH&S to obtain more specific information on AEDs as applicable to their operations. The selection of manufacturer and model of AED will be based on standardization of units by campus location whenever possible.

Please refer to the AED policy here »