Take your safety into your own hands with UWPD’s brand new mobile safety app, BadgerSAFE. BadgerSAFE is a free app that turns your smartphone into your own personal safety device.

Anyone can download BadgerSAFE — students, staff, parents, and community members. You’ll receive crime alerts and safety info direct to your phone, you can connect with UWPD quickly via call or text, walk virtually with a trusted friend for family member, and get instant access to campus resources.

Download the App

Anyone can download BadgerSAFE and you don’t need to create an account. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store — just search for “BadgerSAFE” or use the links below:

BadgerSAFE Features

Friend Walk

Send your location in real-time to a friend or family member. They’ll be able to track you as you walk to your destination. If necessary, they can trigger a call to emergency services

Safety Alerts

Receive Off-Campus Emergency Alerts — these push notifications through the BadgerSAFE app alert our community about significant threats in certain areas OFF the UW-Madison campus – in areas where a large number of our students live or frequently visit. Learn more about Off-Campus Emergency Alerts here.

WiscAlerts will also be sent to the BadgerSAFE app — however, the emergency notifications will still be sent via text and email. Learn more about WiscAlerts here.

Connect with UWPD

Use this one button feature to call or text with a UWPD Dispatcher. As soon as the dispatcher is available, they’ll respond. Note: in emergencies, ALWAYS call or text 911.

“I’m OK” Feature

Our “I’m OK” feature sends your location and a message to a recipient of your choice letting them know that you’re OK. Use this button during an emergency or critical incident to inform your friends and family that you’re safe.

Campus Resources

BadgerSAFE is your one-stop-shop for various campus resources and support services. Just click the “support resources” button on the app.

An App for Everyone!

While BadgerSAFE was built primarily for UW students and staff — ANYONE can download the app! BadgerSAFE is a great way for parents and community members to connect with the UW-Madison campus and stay informed.

Download BadgerSAFE