Spring Break Prep

Spring Break is just about here, and many have their minds set on their upcoming week off — whether that means going home, staying on or near campus, or traveling to a warm, exotic destination. Wherever you go, we hope you find some time to relax and recharge!

During the break, remember to be vigilant and aware of your property and personal safety. If you plan on being off campus, please take a minute to consider the following property safety tips.

  1. Make arrangements for a neighbor or family member to pick-up your mail/newspaper so you don’t get a stockpile in your driveway or on your front porch. Also considering stopping mail during your time away.
  2. Lock your doors and windows.
  3. Keep valuables out of sight and secured.
  4. For your office, let your co-workers know you will be on vacation and ask them to keep an eye on your office.
  5. When you get back from spring break, check your home or office to be sure your belongings are accounted for.

If you plan on vacationing, please keep personal safety at the top of your mind.

  • Travel with friends, family and trusted acquaintances.
  • Leave an itinerary with family/close friend — let them know where you’re going, who you are going with, and when you’ll get back.
  • Know the address of where you are staying.
  • Research trustworthy local transportation and keep emergency contact numbers on hand.
  • If you plan on being in the sun, take plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated.
  • If you choose to consume alcohol, please do so legally and responsibly. Don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know, remain with friends/family, and drink lots of water. Come up with a plan for your activities and stick to it.

Enjoy Spring Break, stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you back on campus soon!