2017 Awards Announced

On Wednesday, April 4, 54 members of the UW-Madison Police Department, the UW-Madison campus, and the general public were presented with awards for their extraordinary service to the campus community in 2017, with an emphasis on public safety.

The awards ceremony was UWPD’s 27th annual gathering and included 15 Chief’s Awards, two First Responder Awards, two Lifesaving Awards, seven Community Service Commendations, and 34 Excellent Service Commendations.

A complete list of this year’s award winners is below — congratulations to all, and thank you for your continued hard work to keep UW-Madison a safe, enjoyable place for all.


Chief’s Awards– presented to a member or members of the community who have assisted a member of the department or have performed commendable acts such as lifesaving.

Lori Berquam
Catherine Dougherty
Chelsey Emerson
Phillip Gadke
Shellie Gillette
Mary Grunow
Cary Karmen
Mark Kerman
Jillian Ley
Todd Nelson
Casey New
Jaime Sathasivam
Joseph Scarpelli III
Rachael Willits
Jonathan Yeadon

First Responder Awards – demonstrates superior dedication to the UWPD First Responders. The recipients of these awards display the strengths of leadership, commitment, integrity, passion, and teamwork. Recipients lead and represent the UWPD First Responders on and off campus and embody UWPD’s philosophy.

Jake Geyen
Adam Kaufmann

Lifesaving Awards – awarded to department members who knowingly and directly act to save a life or lives even in the event that the attempt was unsuccessful.

PO Corey Johnson
PO Nicki Zautner

Community Service Commendations — awarded to department members for community service above and beyond the norm in the performance of everyday duties; or for being instrumental in developing and implementing a new program of crime prevention, community service, or other activity to enhance public safety on campus; or for maintaining sustained and consistently exceptional community relations.

SO Evangelos Kostas
SO Lhagon Kyab (2)
SO Mark Tiedt
SO Olivia Steele
LED Katelyn Gamache
LED Christina Whitworth

Excellent Service Commendations – awarded to department members for excellent service above and beyond the norm in the performance of everyday duties; or for exhibiting a high standard of job performance in a single incident, investigation, or exceptional arrest; or for training others with dedication and concern in an effort to improve the Department’s operations; or for submitting for consideration a device or method that is adopted to increase efficiency in an administrative or tactical procedure.

SO Caetano Araujo
PO Stew Ballweg
Sgt. Nic Banuelos
PO Ryan Bridges (2)
Sgt. William Brown
Julie Dahmen (2)
Det. John Deering
PO Barrett Erwin (2)
Det. Brett Fernholz
LED Kendra Hendricks
LED Ian Hundt
SO Evangelos Kostas
PO Jenson Lee
SO Joshua Mosher
Sgt. Josh Nash
PO Andrew Nielsen
Det. Truli Nielsen (2)
LED Megan O’Kane
PO Kristin Pfeil
SO Andrew Ross (2)
SO Justin Salli
Det. Matt Schirmacher
Sgt. Carl Siddell
SO Olivia Steele
SO Larry Stevens
SO Chris Viveros
PO Elizabeth Waite
Capt. Jason Whitney
Kelly Willan

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