2021 UWPD Awards Announced

On April 13, 2022 — in our first in-person ceremony in two years — 45 members of the UW-Madison Police Department, the UW-Madison campus, and the general public were presented with awards for their extraordinary service to the UW-Madison community. These awards are for efforts and/or actions in 2021 with an emphasis on public safety.

The awards ceremony was UWPD’s 31st annual event — the event was held virtually for the last two years due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A complete list of 2021 award winners is below — congratulations to all, and thank you for your continued hard work to keep UW-Madison a safe, enjoyable place for all.

Excellent Service Commendation – awarded to department members for excellent service above and beyond the norm in the performance of everyday duties; or for exhibiting a high standard of job performance in a single incident, investigation, or exceptional arrest; or for training others with dedication and concern in an effort to improve the Department’s operations; or for submitting for consideration a device or method that is adopted to increase efficiency in an administrative or tactical procedure.

  • Lt. Juan Avila
  • PO Heather Banuelos
  • Tracey Berman
  • LED Morgan Blaser (x3)
  • Lt. Adam Boardman (x2)
  • LED Charles Cedarquist
  • PO Jolene Eck
  • PO Katelyn Gamache (x3)
  • SO Logan Garcia
  • PO Kenan Goyette
  • Det. Peter Grimyser
  • PO Diego Lema Hernandez
  • PO Jeff Kirchman
  • PO Adam Koss
  • PO Jenson Lee (x2)
  • Sgt. Jake Lepper
  • Mandi Meier
  • PO Vinson Mulvey
  • Sgt. Josh Nash
  • Det. Andy Nielsen
  • LED Megan O’Kane
  • SO Megan Owen
  • Det. Sgt. Cheryl Radzinski (x2)
  • Det. Matt Schirmacher
  • PO Matt Shaw (x2)
  • Capt. Mark Silbernagel
  • SO Lori Spengler
  • PO Jake Tincher
  • SS Bill Vanderbloemen

Lifesaving Award – presented to department members who knowingly and directly act to save a life or lives.

  • PO Jolene Eck
  • Jill Schleis
  • Anthony DeVito
  • Paul Wittkamp
  • Sean Geib
  • PO Diego Lema Hernandez (x2)
  • PO Kenan Goyette
  • PO Vinson Mulvey
  • PO Ryan Bridges
  • PO Derek Austin

Chief’s Award– presented to a member or members of the community who have assisted a member of the department or have performed commendable acts such as lifesaving.

  • Garrett Duff
  • Marquis Kirksey
  • Victor McDaniel
  • PO John Parker and K9 Drago
  • Craig Reed

Problem Solving Awardawarded to department members who have been determined to find solutions to a problem, through commitment, initiative, creativity, and fortitude. They utilized the problem-solving approach to identify a problem(s) that have negatively impacted the UW-Madison campus and surrounding areas. Through their resolve they have effectively managed to change the course of the issue and continue to monitor its successes and failures, to ensure the identified problem does not continue.

  • SO Reece Lehman
  • SO Mikayla Sandin

Community Service Awardawarded to department members for community service above and beyond the norm in the performance of everyday duties; or for being instrumental in developing and implementing a new program of crime prevention, community service, or other activity to enhance public safety on campus; or for maintaining sustained and consistently exceptional community relations.

  • Ed Lawson & Scout
  • PO Sam Vollrath
  • Sgt. Nicole Zautner

Professional Service Awardawarded to non-sworn department members for outstanding contributions to law enforcement, the department, and/or the community through a project, program, or event which contributes to the highest degree of professional excellence. The employee’s actions during the service were above and beyond regular, expected work, and/or the service required considerable devotion of time to complete.

  • Tracey Berman
  • Cindy Blankenship
  • Mandi Meier
  • Jessica Rodin

Reaching HIGHER Pillars of Excellence

  • Honor: Sgt. Cheryl Radzinski
  • Integrity: PO Matt Shaw
  • Guardianship: PO Justin Zurbuchen
  • Health: Capt. Mark Silbernagel
  • Empathy: Sgt. Jake Lepper
  • Respect: Julie Dahmen