Bike Safety: Be Bright

By: UWPD Community Officer Erik Pearce

“Be Bright” started out as a program to address cycling at night without required lighting. While yes, this is a major safety concern, UWPD has morphed the “Be Bright” campaign into a general bicycle safety effort.  Our students and faculty have some of the brightest minds around. We take your safety very seriously — and we believe you should too! Being “bright” is more than just bike lights — it means being smart. Your mind is one of the biggest investments you have, and it’s worth protecting. We want you to make smart choices while enjoying cycling on campus.

One of the most important steps to take is following the rules of the road. Bad things happen when cyclists do the unexpected; suddenly changing lanes or running stop signs/lights isn’t something motorists or pedestrians expect — and this is usually what leads to serious crashes.  The rules of the road apply to bicycles, too — and you must follow them. You are subject to the same traffic citations running a stop sign on a bike as if you were in a motor vehicle.

Another way to be smart while cycling is to make sure you can be seen while riding. Lighting is paramount! While the law requires headlights and a tail light (or rear reflector), we strongly suggest daytime running lights (DRL) while cycling on campus.

Another safety step — and arguably the most important — is wearing a helmet. As previously stated, you’ve invested a lot into developing your brain — so, keep it protected. Not wearing helmet is the top reason for cycling fatalities.

If you have questions about bicycle safety, feel free to contact Erik Pearce by email