WiscAlert Test on Tuesday, December 19

Learn more about UW-Madison’s Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

UW-Madison Police Department strives to keep the campus informed about important information, especially during an emergency or crisis. Many different avenues are used to keep you informed — from Twitter and Facebook to text messages on your cell phones.

One of the key ways to keep the campus informed during an emergency is through our UW-Madison WiscAlerts system. WiscAlerts use text messaging, email, Twitter and Facebook messages, and via messages on the UW-Madison and UWPD homepage.

We want to make sure that WiscAlerts is working properly. To help check the system, a test message will be sent out on Tuesday, December 19 at approximately 12 noon. You will see this test message in an email to your @wisc.edu email account, in a text message, on Twitter and Facebook, on www.wisc.edu, and on a push notification if you use the WiscGuardian app.

If there is an active emergency situation during the scheduled test time, the test message will be rescheduled for Wednesday, December 20.

Learn more about UW-Madison’s Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures:

Contact your building manager for information about your building’s Occupant Emergency Plan.

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