Chief Roman Statement on ASM Vote of No Confidence

Chief Kristen Roman has released the following statement following Tuesday night’s vote of no confidence by ASM:

“I’m disheartened. On behalf of the UWPD I say with the utmost confidence that we can be trusted. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect. The UWPD is comprised of human beings, not badges and uniforms. Human beings who endeavor every day to serve our community with honor, with integrity, as guardians promoting safe and healthy communities, treating those we serve with empathy and respect. That truly is who we are.  

And so I am disappointed. Not in the questions themselves, or the specific requests for change, but for not being given the opportunity to engage in a full process prior to this vote. A process in which we work together in constructive and meaningful ways. A vote that cuts to the chase and bypasses any opportunity to engage – to share information – to listen, to learn, to clarify, to contextualize – undermines trust-building. I believe my demonstrated willingness to engage openly and honestly and UWPD’s overall service record has at a minimum earned us that opportunity. So I am disappointed in the timing of this vote. I’m also disappointed in the repeated misinformation that continues to be widely asserted as fact by members of this body and others. 

That said, I want to thank Matthew and Katie and other ASM leaders with whom we’ve met recently. Thank you for your passion around these important issues. We may disagree on some of the whats hows and whys, but we share a commitment to the process and we don’t shy away from the messiness of it all. I’ll take engagement and difficult conversations every day over apathy. I look forward to continuing our work.”