Physical Altercation at Protest, Citation Issued

On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, UWPD officers were providing security for a career fair at the Mechanical Engineering building, during which a group protested the presence of several invited companies. 

For most of the event, the group protested peacefully, and the career fair proceeded uninterrupted. However, late in the afternoon, several protestors attempted to disrupt the event and enter the building with items that are not permitted in university buildings. 

Officers made multiple requests for the group to leave. At around 4:30 p.m., while officers were in the process of detaining one individual for attempted disruption, a second protestor rushed the officers from behind and attempted to enter the building. The individual was physically blocked by a UWPD officer, which caused the individual to be brought to the ground.

No injuries were reported. The individual detained, a UW-Madison student, was issued a citation and released. 

UW-Madison career fairs are open to students. Individuals at the event may not engage in behavior that prevents attendees from free access to recruiters and tables or prevents attendees from entering or exiting the event. Examples of disruptive behavior include yelling, amplified sound or any other actions that limit the ability of individuals at the event to participate. Unauthorized displays or signs or flags on sticks are also not allowed in university buildings.

UWPD is reviewing the incident, as it does with any incident involving use of force.