Prevent Bike Thefts on Campus

Bicycle thefts are an unfortunate and ongoing issue that UWPD has dealt with over the years. Each year we take numerous bicycle theft calls — this year in particular, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of bike theft cases reported to us.

Why do bikes get stolen? Bicycles are stolen for of a number of reasons – for starters, they are desirable and portable, which explains why they are targeted by thieves. Almost everyone wants or has a bicycle, which makes selling the stolen bikes easier. They can be easily transported out of state, making identification of stolen bikes more difficult.

How can I prevent theft? One of the ways you can prevent your bike being stolen is to make your bike undesirable. Bring a cheap bike and an expensive lock to college. Having a cheap bike won’t guarantee it will never be stolen – but it decreases desirability, and lessens the impact to your wallet if it is ever stolen.

The most important method of preventing bicycle thefts is to properly lock your bicycle. Proper locking involves securing your bicycle frame to a solid fixed object; not a tree, wooden fence, or another bicycle. When it comes to locks, AVOID cheap cable locks. These can be defeated easily and do not deter the thieves. Use a solid “U lock” to keep your bike secure. Show your student ID at Budget Bicycle Center, Machinery Row Bicycles, and Motorless Motion Bicycles to score a $5 discount all bike locks over $40.