UWPD Collaborates to Bring Next-Generation Technology to Large-Scale Campus Events

Imagine being at a large-scale event on campus, and having the level of security you would expect at an airport – only no waits, no belts or jackets to take off, and no awkward pat-downs. This could soon be a reality on the UW-Madison campus

The UW-Madison Police Department is announcing that it has signed an agreement to collaborate with Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd., a leading concealed weapons detection solutions company, to beta test a cutting-edge weapons detection technology on campus.

The technology is called HEXWAVE, and it uses low-power, 3D radar imaging and artificial intelligence to detect and identify weapons, as well as other threats and anomalies, without obstructing the movement of large groups of people. HEXWAVE enables the implementation of a layered defense strategy, which provides security teams with more time to assess and intercept threats at the perimeter of a property. The HEXWAVE system can be concealed in already existing structures, so fans will likely not even notice the scanning that’s happening. Click here for a video demonstration of the technology.

“It is a privilege to work with such a well-established and respected institution like UW-Madison and its police department,” said Bill Riker, CEO of Liberty Defense. “Such cooperation will help us to advance our own knowledge about the security expected by our citizens and the law enforcement professionals entrusted with their safety. We are proud of have the opportunity to contribute and draw upon the UW-Madison Police Department’s expertise.”

While the UWPD and Liberty Defense arrangement is already underway, the technology won’t be deployed until next spring. The screening technology comes at no-cost to UWPD or UW-Madison, as this is part of a beta testing program so both parties can learn more about the screening process. Other arenas and sites across the country have also entered into agreements with Liberty Defense to beta test their HEXWAVE threat detection program.

“At UW-Madison, the safety and security of our campus is a top priority,” said Kristen Roman, UWPD Chief of Police. “We’re excited about testing this technology, as we’re always trying to find options that could keep our community even more safe. We hope this will be a great tool for us to use in our already well-equipped toolbox, when it comes to event security.”